APIgen helps to quickly generate production ready and customizable APIs.

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What does this service provide?

APIgen generates fully customizable APIs based on Fusio. Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to create innovative API solutions. The generated source code is fully working and you can also use it as a great starting point to bootstrap your API project.

What is the difference to BaaS provider like Firebase, Supabase, etc.?

In contrast to most Backend-as-a-Service providers APIgen uses a generative approach, this means instead fo defining your data structure through a backend you define the data structure at our generator. Then we generate based on this data structure a complete API tailored to your use case which you can use to CRUD those entities. This has also the great advantage, that you can easily customize every endpoint to your needs.

How much does this service cost?

Our service is free, you only need to register an account in order to use our generator. For power users there is also an option to obtain a basic or pro plan which allows you to create more projects. Fusio is open-source (Apache2), please consider a donation if you want to support our project.

I have found a problem in the generated code?

If you have found a problem in the generated code please create an issue directly at our GitHub repository.